Let's #GetHorsey

The Take up the Reins Tour of Great Britain is part of a fantastic, fun campaign where people of all ages and backgrounds are invited to #GetHorsey. It will see three mechanical horses embark on an awareness-raising journey where they will stop off at shows and events throughout the country.

#GetHorsey is definitely not just about riding. We want people to discover that special connection with horses. It’s a beautiful, unique relationship built on trust and mutual respect, and you can experience it from in the saddle or with your feet still firmly on the ground, perhaps as a volunteer at your local charity, shows or equestrian centre – anywhere that gives you that wonderful feeling of being close to horses.

These amazing creatures are capable of feeling happiness and sadness, just like us. They bring out the very best in everyone and never judge. They can enjoy friendships with one another – and us – that last a lifetime.

They’re great for our health, too. A leisurely ride can burn around 290 calories an hour, while mucking out stables and sweeping the yard can eat up a whopping 634 calories!

Taking the decision to #GetHorsey can be literally life-changing. It helps to melt away stress and gets our bodies’ feel-good chemicals pumping. It helps to nurture friendships with like-minded people and makes a fantastic family activity for kids, teenagers and parents to take time out together.

The Take up the Reins website is full of all the information you will need to get started. It can point you in the right direction and keep you up to date with the campaign as it unfolds. It can also help you to find your local riding school, trekking centre and organisations offering horsey holidays.