Choosing a Horsey Experience

Getting horsey isn’t just about riding horses. It’s about enjoying that special connection and spending time with them to build a lasting relationship built on trust and mutual respect.

You can take part in a wide range of activities, either on your own, with friends or as a family. Maybe you fancy helping out at a local equine welfare centre or teaming up with friends to show your support by attending a horse show in your area? Perhaps you’re itching to take the kids for a fun afternoon ride or would you rather sign up for some riding lessons? Or what about an idyllic family holiday on horseback?

Whatever appeals, you can’t beat the world of horsey opportunities out there. Spending time with horses outside in the fresh air is really healthy and good for you. It helps to build new friendships with likeminded people, allows you to learn new skills and provides the perfect family activity.

We hope that this website provides you with an easy reference to help you find exactly what you are looking for, whether as a rider or helper.